What should I expect before my Onboarding Sessions(Basic and Premium Accounts)?

Your assigned Account Manager will guide you through your first onboarding session.

Here are the modules you will cover during 1st Onboarding:

Contacts: Import contacts either MINDBODY or other housed integration, Database Uploads via Excel, App or connecting using Zapier by request. The more contacts you add to the database, the better your Referral, Reputation and Loyalty campaigns will work. Make sure to know where your contacts are kept and if no integration please have contact lists ready for upload to provide your account manager. You can segment these in any way that works best for your future campaigns. In example, Active, Past clients you would like to see again, and any existing potential leads you would like to reach out to as well.

Referrals: Create Referral Vouchers - Reward customers with ($ or points) Discount offer to new customers. Referral vouchers allow you to incentivize customers and partners to share your offers with their contacts. If you have offers in mind share these with your onboarding representative.

Loyalty: Customize Loyalty Program – Earning points and rewards. A well-thought-out Loyalty Program helps drive repeat visits and purchases to your business. This is where you will setup types of rewards based on number of points, starting from lowest to highest. The more points your customers accumulate over a certain period of time the better the rewards get. We understand you may not have this program completely thought out but your Onboarding Representative will be able to provide examples of how other businesses have their program set up. So that you may finalize this by your second onboarding.

Reputation: Boost Reputation - Connect Google & Yelp. A single window for your complete online reputation management. 

NOTE: Second Session will involve creating email and text campaigns and will demonstrate the whole Referral Process. But please feel free to watch the videos when you click on either email or text campaign modules prior to second onboarding.

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