How do I redeem Loyalty Rewards?

There are two ways to redeem Loyalty Rewards that your clients have earned:

  1. Right on your client's phone by clicking "Redeem" next to the reward they want to claim.
  2. From your Referrizer backend by searching for the client in the customer list using their phone number, email address or even just their name.

Method 1 - Using the client's phone

Step 1 - Open up text message

Ask your client to open up the text message they got from your business. The content of the message will be something like this:

"Dear John, thank you for visiting Fortuna Beauty Studio. You can redeem your Free Massage ($50 Value) or unlock Free Make-up ($100 Value). Click"

Click on the link at the end of the message. This will open up the Referrizer web-app.

Step 2 - Redeem Reward

Click on the Redeem button next to the reward that they want to claim. Click "Redeem" on the confirmation message that pops up (may require pin depending on account set up), and that's it!

Once this is done, the web-app will display the following screen for your customer:

Encourage your customers to go through the above reward redemption process when they are at your location, so that you can give them the reward right then and there.

Method 2 - Using your Referrizer backend

Step 1 - Search for the client using their phone number

Enter the phone number of the client in the Search field at the top and press "Search". Make sure this is the same phone number that they have registered with Referrizer (the one they are getting text messages on). 

On the Search results screen, click on the number of loyalty points they have.

A pop up window will appear. You will see how the points have been earned and a place to redeem rewards.

Select the desired reward and click "Redeem". That's it!

On this page, you can also see the full history of client check-ins and reward redemptions.

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