How do I add loyalty points for MINDBODY Services?

Adding  Loyalty Points to Different Mindbody Services

Here is a detailed explanation how this feature works:

With our Advanced Loyalty Program, your customers are not just motivated to visit repeatedly, but they also get incentives to share on social media. With this new feature you are able to customize how many point a customer gets for different MINDBODY Services you offer within your establishment.

STEP 1: After you login to your Referrizer account.

Select the Loyalty Module on the left hand side of your screen, as shown below.


If you have not yet setup your loyalty program, click on  Setup Loyalty Program.

Here you can start creating a New Loyalty Program and give incentives for attending a class or session based on MINDBODY check ins, one time additional points only for first check in using mobile app, points for sharing your offers on Social Media eg. Facebook or Twitter and lastly points for posting 5 star reviews on either Google or Yelp which can be customized how frequent they get points.

But, If you already have a Loyalty Program, click on EDIT.

This will allow you to reward your loyal customers with additional point based on what type of MINDBODY Service they use.

STEPS:  3, 4 & 5

Scroll to the bottom of the page to Advanced Settings.

  • Add points
  • Select Mindbody Service
  • Click on Add

Its simple, give additional points for each MINDBODY Service used. Either by how much a particular service costs or how frequent customers use certain services.


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