How can my customers post reviews?


  • Reputation Management
  • Publicly posted reviews
  • Reviews on Referrizer (are attached to every offer page and your landing page for potential customers to see)

How it works:

Customer opens the web-app link after check-in and clicks on "Post a review"

The web-app link is contained in the email or text message that was sent to them.

Next, this screen will pop up for them to write the review. Here, they can choose whether to post the review on Google or Yelp.

The customer will then be notified that the review has been successfully posted to Referrizer, and a button to open up their choice of Google/Yelp will display as long as the review was above 3 stars.

When they click the button Google,Yelp, or Facebook will open, where they can simply paste their review.

If the review they posted was 3 stars or under, your customer will not be given the option to post it on Google/Yelp, but you will still be notified about the feedback so that you can address it.

The review process takes just a few seconds to complete from the phone, depending on the length of the review.

This process is for true reputation management, all the while you gain wonderful reviews on your public review sites!

Periodically, there is also a reputation email that will be sent to your repeat customers. This email can be directed to the public review site of your choosing to truly BOOST reviews, since there are no points or incentive for reviews in this manner.

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