I use MINDBODY. How do I fill last minute openings at my business?

Using the module requires a one-time setup inside Referrizer and a small change in how you deal with wait list clients inside MINDBODY. Both aspects are covered in detail below. Before you proceed further, please make sure that your Referrizer-Mindbody integration is active. You can contact your Account Manager if you need help with setting up the integration.

Complete one-time setup inside Referrizer

Click on the link here to access the MINDBODY “Fill Last Minute Openings” module. 

You can also navigate to the module by clicking on Account Options (left-menu) -> Apps/Integration -> Mindbody -> Fill Last Minute Openings (Button at the Top-Right corner)

Step 1 - Turn on “Fill Last Minute Openings”

Click the toggle button to turn on the module. The button will turn blue when the module is active.

Step 2 - Customize Settings

Click on the Settings button at the top right corner. 

You will see 3 tabs, as shown below.

Let's look at each one of these tabs in order.


We already provide default values for each input field, so if you want, you can leave them as is. 

Field 1: "Start filling cancelled spots _____ hours before the class starts..."

This is where you determine how far ahead Referrizer will look into your MINDBODY schedule to see if there are any cancelled spots. For example, if this is set to 24 hours, Referrizer will look a full one day ahead in your schedule and activate the automated booking system for any class that:

  • starts within the next 24 hours
  • has a wait-list
  • contains an empty slot

Field 2: "...allow clients _____ minutes to respond..."

This is the amount of time for which the system will 'hold' the spot for the text message recipient. After this time has elapsed, they can still get the slot by replying with "BOOK", but there is no guarantee that the slot will still be available.

In the Sending Schedule table, you can determine when invitation SMS should not be sent (to make sure you don't disturb your customers at odd times).


You can modify the SMS templates here. Make sure you don't remove any of the necessary tags, such as [service_title], [service_time] and [account_title]. Without these, your recipients will not know which class they are being messaged about and who the message is coming from.


The Account Owner will always receive email notification of a successful booking. You can add/remove other recipients on this screen.

Manually confirming wait-list clients inside MINDBODY

Inside MINDBODY, don’t use the “Waitlist Confirmed” option to confirm a client’s visit, because that can interfere with how we fill last minute openings for you. MINDBODY does not communicate the information to Referrizer when this option is selected, so we can end up sending text messages to clients whose visit you have already confirmed manually.

If you end up wanting to confirm a client’s visit manually, first remove them from the list:

then add them again to the class:

You’ll get the same result and Referrizer’s automated booking system can still run smoothly without sending invitation texts to clients that are already in the class.

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