What is a Buy it Now voucher?


Our brand new Buy it Now Offers are actually just as they sound. Think of it as your own personal Groupon that you can place on your website. Plus with the availability to have your customers refer their friends to buy as well. This offer has a set cost that leads will pay directly at time of interest.  In example, $40 for your First Month of Unlimited Classes.

The great thing is you do not have to give up half of the earnings to another company. Everything is yours to keep, except a small credit card transaction fee* (processing companies always have to get their piece). How great it is to be able to collect income even before a website visitor walks through your doors. 

You will find that your lead conversion will grow, as when people are paying up front they are definitely more likely to convert with less follow up from you. 

Why it is amazing for you:

  • Collect cash from new leads at the exact moment they show interest in your business!
  •  Generate Revenue- even after business hours
  • Have leads instantly committed
  • Instant return!
  • Transfer directly from Referrizer to your bank account!

Take the FIRST step in increasing your conversion NOW!

How it looks: 

How to set up your first Buy it Now offer:

Step 1:

Setting up your wallet is the first step in activating and accepting payments through your Buy it Now offers. You just need to provide the information requested to make transferring revenue to your bank account easy. Here is the quick one time process:

Click on Account Options in the left-hand menu>select Billing>Setup Wallet

Next, this will pop up a quick screen for your account information:

Step 2:

Set up a new Buy it Now referral offer. Here is a quick video: 

*Fees associated with a Buy it Now transaction are fixed transaction fee of $0.30 + 2.9% of the purchase price each time you accept a credit or debit card payment. The price is the same for all cards. There is no fee accrued for failed charges. Refunds will deduct the net paid amount from your Referrizer wallet. Stripe Connected Account Agreement Currently available only to businesses in the US, Canadian coming soon!

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