How does Partner Up work?

Connect With Nearby Businesses, Exchange Referrals on Autopilot

  • Join the network
  • Partner up with nearby businesses
  • Exchange referrals automatically
  • Expand your customer base

Get Started on your Partner Experience TODAY!

Navigate to Account Options>PartnerUp Network and get started creating your network

Connect with Nearby businesses by clicking on Partner Up or Invite local businesses not already on the network to Join! If they sign up you will receive credits on your monthly payments!

How will customers see this?

Each time they check in or you promote your partners in an email they will have the option to claim their offers and vice versa for the business you are partnered with.

Now just think if every business you partner with included this in their emails, that would truly be a viral factor!

Pending Invitations

You will receive email and messenger notifications, but still it never hurts to look occasionally for any pending invites. You can find these on the pending invitations tab of the Partner Up Network. Just click accept and you are partnered.

My Partners Tab

You can see exactly who you are partnered up with by checking the My Partners tab. You can find out more details from this section and also remove anyone you no longer want to have a partner relationship with.

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