Can I put any limitations on loyalty rewards?

Modified on Tue, 25 Oct 2022 at 04:37 PM

Have you ever had a reward you would love to add to the loyalty program, but you only have a limited quantity? You do not want to offer this reward, because what if you run out? 

How about something so special, you only want it to be available to your customers once? They cannot claim that same reward again.

We have added limitations to Loyalty Rewards, so all of this is possible now.

Here is how:

First, click on Loyalty on the left side of your account.

Next, click Edit.

Next, click the Rewards tab.

To set limitations Toggle Unlimited Off and adjust the amount.

Total in Account means that the item has limited quantities and you only want customers to be able to claim as many as you have in stock. (You will notice in the example below it is adjusted to 5 total available)

Per Customer means that you only want each individual customer to be able to redeem this the set number of times. (You will notice for the $10 Off example below it is set for one time per guest and only 1 is allowed)

IMPORTANT: You will not be able to adjust quantities unless the Unlimited Toggle is set to OFF

The last step is to Save Changes and you are done!

Now once the quantities run out or the reward is not available for that customer anymore because they have redeemed the account limit, that particular reward will not longer be visible in loyalty program on your customers side. Make sure to update if you have something new to include or readjust the limits. These settings are per account and not per customer.

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