What is Referrizer Wi-Fi and how can it benefit me?

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  • Capture Customer Data (Grow your database!)
  • Increase Loyalty
  • Boost Online Reputation and Referrals
  • Automate your Check-ins and Rewards program
  • No Integration, No Problem!

How it works:

Our Wi-fi system will not only provide your customers with a connection to the internet but also help engage them to be your most powerful marketing tool!

Each time they connect to Wi-fi this will take them to their landing page for your business. Plus they will receive engagement from you to review and share your offers set up on the system.

We use your already existing internet connection and give you an open network with a portal page and a few options. Think of it like using a hotel's Wi-Fi.

This little device needs 1 or 2 min to get connected, and after that, your customers will see a new, open network named ".Free Wi-Fi [account name]."

When a user turns on Wi-Fi search or comes into the business with Wi-Fi turned on, the browser on their device will automatically open our guest portal and they will need to provide their phone number, email address, or log in with their Facebook profile to gain internet access. If they connect with Facebook, we will ask them for permission to have their public profile and email address.

Important: This network does not have a security password (no password, no encryption, no security), so please advise your customers not to use it for sending important information such as credit card details, or any other personal information. We include this in the Terms of use. Our portal is secured, so they should not be worried about their phone number, but the traffic after that is not.

Here is what the Terms and Conditions popup looks like.

Note: Agreeing to terms and conditions is a must. Also, if they connect with email or their Facebook profile, we will not be able to automatically engage them via text but there are great ways to engage them via email and triggered campaigns.

Once they click the "connect" button, they will be happy little internet surfers and you will have their information which is invaluable for all marketing efforts! 

Now the next time they connect to your Wi-Fi, they will also get a new check-in to the Referrizer system. 

This will prompt all loyalty and referral triggers to keep your customers truly engaged. By default, they must be in the business for at least 10 minutes before this will initiate (this can be manually adjusted if needed).

Ask your Account Manager if this is right for your business today.


Last but definitely not least, who does not love statistics? ? Our system will let you check on your customer activity, peak times, and usage periods. This will truly help you define campaigns for the future to fill in those slow periods. 

“Client Testimonial”I have owned my restaurant for 8 years now and we barely had any customer data. We tried fish bowls, and other loyalty programs, and nothing worked. Now, in the last 3 months with Referrizer Smart Wi-Fi, we have over 800 contacts in our database, and new contacts are being generated daily. I wish I had this system long ago. This is truly remarkable. Thank you guys!!!

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