Facebook Learning Phase

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Learning phase

When the campaign starts, Facebook goes into the learning phase. Simply put, the learning phase is the period of time Facebook takes, after an ad campaign has been launched, to work out how it can generate the best possible results for your campaign. Facebook does this by presenting your ad to different people within your target audience and then calculating who is most likely to take decisive action after seeing your ads. The learning phase will continue to run until your ad gets approximately 50 optimization events. That’s when the learning phase finishes and your campaign starts running normally, but with improved accuracy. Our SMA managers will take care of all of the optimizations that need to be done. 

What is an optimization event?

This is what your Ad is set for, the goal you are striving to achieve.

Limited learning in Ads:

An ad set becomes learning limited when it is unlikely to receive around 50 optimization events in the week after the last significant edit. 

Generally, an ad set becomes "learning limited" when the ad set is limited by small audience size, low budget, low bid or cost control, high auction overlap, an infrequent optimization event, or other challenges such as running too many ads at the same time. This diagnosis can happen any time after we create an ad set or make a significant edit to an existing one.

Facebook ad campaigns can operate successfully even in a limited learning phase, and we have many ad sets delivering profitable results that are appearing in this phase.

This is great news because we lunch your campaign/s and check the ads regularly. We want Ads that will bring you profit. Ads that are not performing well, are turned off so not a single penny is wasted. In this way, limited learning is a good sign that something needs to be changed, improved, and optimized, etc.

How long is the learning phase?

There's no rule but it can last up to two weeks on average. 

What is the most important thing?

The learning phase is crucial for consistently generating great results from your Facebook ad campaigns. Don’t presume your ad sets’ performance until the learning phase has finished. You’ll get a much more accurate representation of your ad sets’ performance once they have finished the learning phase.

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