SMART LINE, Why should I use it?

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How to Maximize your SMART LINE

Explore why your 100% FREE OF EXTRA CHARGE dedicated tracking number is a true powerhouse for client communication, relationship building, and lead generation.

Local 10 digit number

  • Give your business a hometown feel using a local tracking number
  • Option to request a vanity number (based upon availability)
  • Use a toll-free number to appeal to a nationwide audience

Build a database of all calls

  • Build a database of inbound calls
  • Collect call data on caller ID, call statistics, and call duration
  • Store all Text communication in the backend. This is TCPA Compliant texting and without a dedicated number, this is not possible.

Intelligent Text Autoresponder

  • Automatically identify new leads calling and greet them with special offers
  • Identify existing customers and motivate them for repeat purchases
  • Capture lead information
  • Set follow up texting on autopilot with smart scheduling technology

Forward calls to your mobile

  • Receive incoming calls forwarded to the existing number of your choice.
  • You won’t have to expose your private cell phone number to business contacts, while still maintaining the convenience of your mobile number.
  • Never let a lead go unanswered. Promptly respond to a missed call with a text.

Call Recording

  • Gain valuable feedback
  • Evaluate service level
  • Keep an automatic record of calls for future reference

Two-way texting capabilities

  • Add a human touch to texting. Automatically personalize messages to enhance engagement.
  • Good business is a two-way street. Allow customers to reply with 2-way texting
  • Text 1-on-1
  • Segment groups and send mass texts

Add power to your texting

  • We have a great Google Chrome Extension- Referrizer Click to Text
  • Text directly from your browser
  • Compatible with your existing CRM system

Call Tracking Metrics

  • All call stats at a glance
  • Know who on your team picked up the phone, and did the caller buy during the conversation
  • Track efficiency of referral marketing campaigns - how many calls we’ve generated for you

TCPA Compliant

  • Keeps you legally compliant with Texting Regulations
  • Opt-out / Unsubscribe options
  • Text to Opt-in

How To Use It:

  1. Locate your dedicated Tracking Number on the Account Overview section of Referrizer
  2. Place this number everywhere to build your database. (Google, Facebook, Yelp)
  3. Use this number in Print campaigns as a Text "YES" to receive our special offer

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