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Before getting started:

Create an Admin User in your Front Desk/Pike 13 account for developer@referrizer.com

  • This must be a manager level/staff member account within your Pike 13. A standard employee account will not work for the purpose of integration
  • Alternatively, you can provide your account manager or support@referrizer.com the main credentials/login to your Pike 13/FrontDesk HQ and we will take care of everything for you.

This is an example of a manager account with the correct permissions for our developers to complete integration:

Example of a standard employee account access that will not allow for integration settings: 

Instructions on how to set up a full permission account:

  1. Login to your Pike13/FrontDesk HQ account: (example url) clientaccount.pike13.com
  2. Go to staff page and click add a new staff member:

In member creation fill in First Name, Last Name, Email (other fields should be optional) and select Role: Manager

Also select 'send invitation email' and finally create new member 

After the invitation is sent to developer@referrizer.com notify your account manager or support@referrizer.com so that this invitation can be accepted and you can proceed with the steps below.

*if you put a URL which is not valid an error notification will show like above. Please make sure you have the correct one. 

Step 2:

After activation, there are 2 possible cases:

In this case the next screen shown will be:

You will see how many customers are Sync'd and saved in our system. (Note: All customers will be in the Passive category after initial sync. As they come in they will move to active.)
  • The second scenario is if the full permission was either not created yet or is not the proper type of account or our developers have not fully activated it yet.
In this case, the following screen will show:

You will see that the account is not activated yet by developer@referrizer.com Once our developers claim(accepted) the new Pike 13 account, initial sync will be complete and then you will see how many customers are synced and saved in the system.At any moment once initial sync is done the setting s can be changed for Engage through Texts and Engage through Emails. This will start involving your customers in the Loyalty and Referral program that you have set up.
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