How to sync Referrizer leads to Mindbody

Modified on Mon, 17 Jul 2023 at 09:25 AM

Up until now, businesses using Mindbody have been able to integrate with Referrizer to sync all of their contacts into their Referrizer account. Furthermore, any updates made to contact information in Mindbody would automatically sync with Referrizer when that contact checks-in.


Now, these businesses also have the ability to sync Referrizer leads back into Mindbody. Any leads created using the Referrizer system can automatically be synced into your Mindbody account, provided a few conditions are met.


  • 'Referrizer' needs to be added in 'Referral types' in your Mindbody account
  • 'Required Fields in Business Mode' needs to be unchecked in your Mindbody account
  • 'Sync leads to Mindbody' option must be turned on in your Referrizer account
  • Leads from Referrizer can only be synced from
    • Website Widget
    • Landing Page
    • Web App
    • Manually adding a contact (Type = Lead)
    • Paid Referrizer Agency advertising


In your Mindbody settings, go to 'Referral types'

Click on the 'Add New Referral' and add Referrizer in the Name box:

In your Mindbody settings, go to 'Required Fields'

Uncheck all boxes in the Business Mode column, then click Update (optional: you can keep Mobile Phone checked)

In your Referrizer account, click on your name in the top right. 

Then click on Integrations.

Click on Mindbody

Next turn ON the toggle for Sync Leads to Mindbody

Then click Next through the additional windows and then Finish.
  1. Now your new leads from Referrizer (from the following sources) will sync to your Mindbody account:
    1. Website Widget
    2. Landing Page
    3. Web App
    4. Manually adding a contact (Type = Lead)
    5. Paid Referrizer Agency advertising 

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