Reasons for emails bouncing - explained

Modified on Mon, 31 Oct 2022 at 12:39 PM

There are many reasons why emails can bounce. This can be due to a mailbox not being used anymore, marked as SPAM, mail service provider preventing delivery. We want to make this easy for you to understand and resolve any issues in your database.

Here is some quick info regarding what the system displays:

  1. Suppressed - Blocked or Unable to be delivered within 48 hours. Typically an issue with the receiving service.
  2. No Mailbox - Not a valid email address, this address appears to no longer exist or there was a typo
  3. Account Problem - Email Box is most likely full or no longer in use (stale address)
  4. Reputation Issue - Please reach out to Support so that we can look further in this, if it occurs often.
  5. SPAM- Notated as SPAM by recipient
  6. Throttled - We will continue to send, typically this is the service such as Yahoo slowing down delivery
  7. SPF Issue - If this is a common occurrence, please report to Referrizer support
  8. Code Error - Please reach out to Referrizer Support so that we can investigate. You should not see this Bounce reason occur.
  9. Time-outIssue with recipient mailbox at the time of send, we will try again
  10. Connection Terminated - The status of the email is not known for sure because the recipient server terminated the connection without returning a message code or status.
  11. Connection Problem - Email was not delivered because of a connection problem. Emails in this category are rescheduled automatically.
  12. Grey Listed - Emails in this category are rescheduled automatically. As typically the recipient server will allow in this case as it deems valid.
  13. Whitelisting Problem - The email was not delivered because the recipient server requires a whitelisting of this sending address to receive the email from it.
  14. Not Delivered - Typically this is due to blocked status, hard bounce, marked as SPAM, complained, or "Stale Contact"
  15. UnknownThere will be a few instances where the reason why will be unknown. Please feel free to reach out to support so that we can investigate.

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