How to create a keyword trigger for your automated text campaigns

Modified on Mon, 31 Oct 2022 at 12:45 PM

Important Note: keywords should always be sent only to your 10-digit Referrizer tracking number (long code), so that is the number you should promote along with the keyword you want to use.

Step 1
From the Campaigns section, click on Create Campaign

Step 2
Select Text Message and click Next

Step 3
Enter a Campaign Title

Step 4
Select Automated Campaign and click Next

Step 5
Click the dropdown menu next to Select Trigger and then click Create new trigger

Step 6
Enter a title for your trigger (e.g. INFO trigger)

Step 7
Click on Add Condition then select "Text Reply Received" -> "equals" -> "[keyword]"

Step 8
Click Create Trigger

Step 9
In the Message section, enter the message you wish to send to people who text the keyword

Step 10
Click Launch

The keyword trigger is now live!

Anybody who texts the keyword to your tracking number will receive this new message.
Now all you have to do is promote your keyword as much as possible!

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